Puzzles as Unique Wedding Gifts

Do you realize that most people consider it within “wedding etiquette” rules to give your gift up to a year after the wedding? For many of my friends who have gotten married, I waited until after they posted their wedding photos and picked one out that I thought would make a good puzzle (without telling them). Months later they receive a nice puzzle box with a title that might be a clue as to what the scene is. Personalized figure pieces like the date of the wedding add to the enjoyment as they assemble the puzzle (hopefully together). A custom personalized wooden jigsaw puzzle makes a unique memorable gift that will stand out amongst the place settings and bath towels that other guests just bought off their registry, don’t you think? šŸ˜Š .

  • "That Special Day"
    "All In"
    "Champagne Sunset"
    "Setting Sail"
    "A Salmanazar Sized Day"
    "The Big Link"
    "West Village Romance"
    "CelebraĆ§Ć£o (Celebration)"
    "Sailing Away"