Want me to cut you a puzzle?

I do not publish a catalog or sale list. I work solely on commissions, working with the customer on the target budget, size, scene, level of difficulty, and any custom figure pieces. Since my name is on the box, I want only the best possible puzzle to be inside the box. Therefore, I don’t just accept every commission -- I prefer to cut large prints with a painted scene that, in my judgement, will make an interesting puzzle. Sometimes a customer will have a particular poster or image that can work out well, but I prefer to discuss artists and subject matter with you, before settling on a print we both will be happy with.

Many of my regular customers now just let me select a print for them based on a theme, without telling them what the print is, so that they will be pleasantly surprised when assembling the puzzle (there’s no picture on the box). I point out that, if I am very excited to cut the particular scene, it will just end up being a better puzzle, and you’ll probably get it sooner, too. Photographs usually don’t inspire me, although you will see some puzzles from nice wedding photographs on my Wedding Gifts page. If this sounds like something you are interested in, and you want to commission a work of art which will become a family heirloom, fill out my contact page and get back to you soon.

I charge $1.50 per piece, plus the cost of the print and shipping. Custom edges, figure pieces, or names can add between $5-$50. My smallest puzzles run about $250, but I prefer to cut larger puzzles, such as the ones shown in my web site gallery. An 11" square puzzle will go for about $325, plus the cost of the photo or poster ($2-$30) and shipping ($0-$20).