Marriage Proposal Puzzle: A Special Puzzle

40 pieces

Many years ago, a coworker of mine came up with the idea of proposing to his girlfriend using a custom-made jigsaw puzzle. Using image-editing software, he arranged the words, “Terry, will you marry me?” over a 4” x 7” image. He purposefully placed “marry” in an arc, with the idea that I could cut a ring figure piece right over that word.

Because of the romantic theme of the puzzle, I used my “earlet” style with heart-shaped knobs. For figure pieces, in addition to the ring, I cut a heart, a rose, and of course my signature “strong arm” piece.

Tom presented the unassembled puzzle to Terry as a gift, and the two of them assembled it together, but Tom had removed the ring piece (containing the word “marry”) and put it in the same box as the engagement ring. When the puzzle was assembled except for the missing ring piece, Tom brought out the box and proposed, and she accepted :-).

In Terry’s own words:

Thank you so much for making my Engagement Puzzle! I love all of the little heart-connectors and special pieces. It really made the event extra special.
Thanks again!