Marriage Proposal Puzzle: Meditative Rose

227 pieces

York chose the print, a Salvador Dali scene of a large rose floating in an expansive blue sky. He wanted the words “Marry Me Tiffany” cut into the puzzle. I dropped out the pieces for these words -- they are not part of the puzzle, so when Tiffany was assembling the puzzle, she had no idea that those words were cut into the puzzle, until she put together all the pieces around the dropped-out words. I also decided to bring in the edge in the sky area, and make that part of the edge mimic the outline of rose petals.

For figure pieces, I cut a heart, a rose, an eagle, two U.S Air Force jets, the Air Force symbol (York and Tiffany are both in the Air Force), and of course my signature “strong arm” piece.

In York’s own words:

I just wanted to say thank you for the great work you did on the puzzle. My fiancé and I were both impressed with the unique and intricate pieces you made for the puzzle. Additionally, all our friends and family have enjoyed seeing the puzzle how uniquely it fit the proposal.