Marriage Proposal Puzzle: The Curious Cat

77 pieces

Stephen pointed me to three prints that he liked, and from them I picked one that I thought would work well as a puzzle. All three pictures had an orange tabby cat, which meant something special to Stephen and Chelsea.

The large grey background area was ideal for cutting the words “Marry me Chelsea”, in three words of cursive letters. I dropped out the pieces for these words -- they are not part of the puzzle, so when Chelsea was assembling the puzzle, she had no idea that those words were cut into the puzzle, until she put together all the pieces around the dropped-out words.

The cutting style uses heart-shaped knobs. For figure pieces, I cut a prancing cat, a rose, my signature strong-arm piece, and heart which encompasses the silhouettes of a man and a woman about to kiss. Stephen took Chelsea to the pub in New York City where they had had their first date, and assembled the puzzle together there at a table.

In Stephen’s own words:

I am thrilled to report that the proposal went off without a hitch last night and Chelsea said “yes!”!! She totally LOVES the puzzle as well and thought it was extremely thoughtful and creative! Again, Thanks SO much for the amazing work you did! The puzzle was everything I hoped it would be, and then some!

Stephen and Chelsea, right after assembling the puzzle in the pub: