380 pieces

This underwater scene had some nice variation of colors and patterns, but a bit too much blue. So I brought in the edge a little to reduce the amount of blue, and making it possible to have some fish bump-outs along the edge. The wiggly edge along the blue water is a regular feature that the assembler will recognize as being different than the interior pieces, but that edge is unexpectedly interrupted by the bump-outs. I then also cut a couple of interior blue pieces with that same wiggly edge, j ust to confuse the assembler by making them think those were also edge pieces. The swordfish leaping out of the water (upper-right) and the blue crab (bottom-left) are figure pieces by themselves, but interlock with the puzzle due to their shape (the fish’s tail and the crab’s claws). If someone looks for the pieces to fit between the crab’s side legs, they will sorely frustrated!

Notice the shark figure piece chasing a scuba diver figure piece (upper-right quadrant). And of course, all that blue space I couldn’t resist depicting a large angel fish with sliver drop-outs.