These are some of my past creations; click on them for more details and a larger picture. None of them are for sale (sorry!), but they give you an idea of what I can do on commission.

  • Stargazing
    "Barely There"
    "Purple Petunias"
    "Life Under The Sea"
    "Nether Regions"
    "Tough Play":
    A large puzzle with a large figure formed by sliver drop outs.
    "Fishy Figures"
    "Synchiropus Splendidus"
    "That Special Day"
    "All In"
    "Champagne Sunset"
    "Setting Sail"
    "Christmas Eve"
    "Setting Sail"
    "Ancient Explorers"
    "Autumn Splendor"
    "The King’s Gaze"