Christmas Eve

317 pieces

This customer liked old-fashioned late-1800’s scenes, especially involving stage coaches. There weren’t a lot of new prints with that theme to choose from, but I liked the nostalgic atmosphere in this one. There is a lot dark grey sky which makes it difficult, but to make up for that I made the pieces very elaborate, which gives the assembler more to go on.

And to break up the sky area, I added a Christmas star formed by sliver dropouts, which invariably ends up being the last part assembled, leading to that last-minute “Aha!” moment.

This is an example of a scene that I just didn’t think made sense to cut an irregular outline in.

A quote from the customer:

“I just wanted to tell you how much we loved your puzzle! The quality couldn’t be more perfect and it was probably one of the most difficult we’ve done (which we loved). But the star cut-out surprise at the end? It was one of the best finishes we have ever had! We were still in total awe of the finished puzzle and were standing back to take it all in. That’s when the light shining in the puzzle showed us what you had done with the figures of the children holding hands and the man holding out his hand to the woman and bowing. We had never seen that - it was fabulous!!”