Bearly There

1184 pieces

When I first saw this poster, I just had to cut it into a puzzle. The color distribution is perfect for a puzzle, and I knew the surrealistic “superimposed” scene would make the puzzle very interesting and challenging to assemble. Unfortunately, I had to put it aside after I had only cut it into large sections while my real job (and some paying puzzle commissions) kept me too busy to work on this pet project.

Months later, I made the time to complete this for my family. I added my own touch by making a “parade” of bears in the sky, walking across the top edge of the artist’s superimposed scene. The arched area around the parade of bears is dropped-out (there are no pieces for that area). And of course, there are some bear figure pieces spread throughout the puzzle. This scene is especially applicable for my family, which loves bear-themed puzzles (to see over 50 bear-themed puzzles from my family’s collection, see my father’s web site).